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44 Secrets for Great Soccer Dribbling Skills

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44 Secrets for Great Soccer Dribbling Skills

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Discover Dribbling Secrets That Will Transform You into a Dribbling Wiz, Today!

Disguising Your Intention

This skill is one of the most important ones and will decide whether your dribbling attempts will be a success or a complete failure.

If you don’t know how to disguise your dribbling attempts you will never have a true advantage against your opponent.

In this book I will reveal exactly how to disguise your intentions and how to really trick the opponent into a false sense of security.

Performing the Move Too Early

Do you know dozens of soccer moves and how to perform them correctly, yet you are not able to get past your opponent in most of your dribbling attempts?

The problem could be that you are performing your moves too early which results in poor dribbling attempts and having the opponents clear the ball away.

Importance of Your Supporting Leg

Your supporting leg play a bigger part in your dribbling skills than you ever could imagine and failing to utilize it properly in your dribbling is a big mistake.

While you might be extremely one footed I guarantee you that you’ll notice some amazing results if you just pay attention to your weak leg a bit.

Finding Your Own Dribbling Style

Many soccer players fail to become good at dribbling because they are trying to copy their role models and adapt their style of dribbling.

I will explain how you can find your own style while using the moves from your role models which will turn you into a dribbling wiz.

Right Moves at Right Times

Knowing what moves suit which situation best is another critical aspect of soccer dribbling that will decide the outcome of your dribbling.

By learning to use your moves for a specific situation you’ll also increase your other skills like scoring, passing and crossing.

Do You Want To Learn all of These Secrets?

Discover the secrets to becoming a great dribbling wizard and take your game to the next level.

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